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Applied Nutrition & Training in Singapore

What is the problem we’re solving in Singapore? Why is it important for you as a business owner, a coach and/or a casual lifter? How can you be a better coach to and for your clients?

ANTS L2 breaks down how you can sharpen and hone your personal training skills through 4 main modules: nutrition, training, coaching and a practical session.


Never before has there been a course that teaches you how to coach. Learn practical skills that you’ll actually apply as a coach, beyond the textbook theories you may have learnt from other PT certifications.

Stand to gain the following benefits from the ANTS L2 course:

Value-Add to Your Clients

Learn how you can help your clients achieve their goals optimally, practically and safely.

Sharpen Your Skillset

Learn how to avoid and overcome potential pitfalls, keep up to date with best practises, and learn through practical opportunities with other participants & peer review.


ANTS L2 is a one day, in-person course split into 4 modules: nutrition, training, coaching & a practical session. Upon completing the course, you will be conferred with a certificate signifying your graduation from the ANTS L2 course.

The ANTS L2 course is available at a special price for ANTS L1 graduates.

Registration Information

There are currently no intakes for ANTS L2.
Stay tuned for new intakes in the future!


Introduction to ANTS Level 2
How is it different from ANTS Level 1?
What problem are we solving in Singapore?
Why is it important for you as a business owner / coach / casual lifter?

Crafting a meal plan
Protein timing, quality & useful supplements
Different kinds of diets & their implications

Types of training
Anatomy & physics
A recap of principles of hypertrophy
Exercise selection – what's good and what's bad
Equipment choice

Code of Conduct & Safety Standards
How to deal with beginner client problems

Be prepared to train! This is not a sit & observe session.
Practicability vs optimal
Opportunities to practise live
Peer review

Portrait of dinokang


Chin Nian Kang, @dinokang

dinokang (or commonly known to his clients as NK) has 14 years of training experience under his belt since the young age of 15. He spent the bulk of his career researching about nutrition and debunking false information on the Internet. It was his dabbling in research that dinokang found his passion in educating the public, hence the creation of Lifelong Training University.

In 2019, dinokang competed in the drug-tested International Bodybuilding Championship organised by the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) and emerged Champion in his weight class (Under 80kg) and placed 3rd Overall amongst other International Athletes.

Professionally, dinokang was previously a trainer at Ultimate Performance and is currently a freelancer in Singapore.

A huge advocate of walking the talk, dinokang has produced life-changing results with his clients, largely due to his adaptive and empathetic approach tailored to each client’s style and needs.

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ANTS L2 is mainly for coaches who are looking to sharpen and hone their personal training skills, to value-add to their clients.

L1 is meant for beginners. It is a very basic crash course. L2 is meant for coaches; you’ll need to have some prior fitness knowledge to keep up.

ANTS L2 breaks down how coaches can sharpen and hone their personal training skills through 4 main modules: nutrition, training, coaching and a practical session.

Additionally, the course uses the context of Singapore to illustrate the applications of the knowledge to be acquired. ⁣

No, but you get a significant discount if you graduated from our ANTS L1 course. 

As long as you can physically appear in-person for the course, why not?

The course is SGD$498 for the public. ANTS L1 graduates receive a special rate at SGD$298. 

The first intake was conducted physically at MAX OUT Fitness, Orchard Central. We may launch more intakes in the future.

No lunch will be provided. Participants will need to settle their own meals.

We will only offer refunds for special circumstances. 

We take no shows very seriously, as you are depriving someone else of their spot. You may consider transferring your slot to someone else. Please drop us an email at if this happens.

Unfortunately, we will not be conducting make-up lessons. We may launch future intakes. Do consider signing up again then!

At this current juncture, unfortunately no.