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Applied Nutrition & Training in Singapore
(ANTS) corporate

Are you a professional at the workplace looking for a health & wellness talk for your company’s brown bag lunch / fireside chat / seminar? Look no further. ANTS Corporate is tailored specially for your company and colleagues to make healthier decisions at the workplace.


ANTS Corporate is not just another talk — it is built on a foundation of science-based research and practical tips, and specially designed for groups of busy professional in mind.

ANTS Corporate equips professionals at the workplace with the knowledge required to make healthier decisions regarding training and nutrition — such as understanding the simple process of muscle gain & fat loss — and apply those same concepts for a lifetime.

Your colleagues and company stand to gain the following benefits:

Lifestyle Improvements

Learn practical ways to eat better and be healthier. Inoculate against misinformation arising from health & fitness myths.

Higher productivity

A balanced diet and regular exercise can help boost one’s cognitive performance and mood.

Burnout Prevention

When the going gets tough, learn how your training & nutrition can help keep your morale up and going.


The ANTS Corporate talk is available in a variety of formats and durations: brown bag lunch, fireside chat, and even seminar settings. Food and refreshments are also available on select days. Write into us to find out more about our available packages.

Standard Corporate Curriculum (1 hour)

Human Nutrition
What causes weight gain and weight loss?
Food Culture in the Workplace
Exercise & Training

Portrait of dinokang


Chin Nian Kang, @dinokang

@dinokang (or commonly known to his clients as NK) has 14 years of training experience under his belt since the young age of 15. He spent the bulk of his career researching about nutrition and debunking false information on the Internet. It was his dabbling in research that dinokang found his passion in educating the public, hence the creation of Lifelong Training University.

In 2019, dinokang competed in the drug-tested International Bodybuilding Championship organised by the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) and emerged Champion in his weight class (Under 80kg) and placed 3rd Overall amongst other International Athletes.

Professionally, dinokang was previously a trainer at Ultimate Performance and is currently a freelancer in Singapore. The ANTS courses conducted by dinokang under Lifelong Training University has seen successive intakes for the general public, while the ANTS Corporate talk has infiltrated workplaces.

A huge advocate of walking the talk, dinokang has produced life-changing results with his clients, largely due to his adaptive and empathetic approach tailored to each client’s style and needs.



If you’re a professional at the workplace, looking for a health & wellness talk for your colleagues (e.g. HR, sports & recreation committee member, internal communications), ANTS Corporate is the perfect talk for you.

The ANTS Corporate content is tailored for professionals who are keen to eat & train better to be healthier, primarily Beginners: desk-bound workers.

ANTS Corporate is designed to equip deskbound professionals with nutrition and exercise know-how at the workplace, while attempting to undo the many misconceptions floating amidst the fitness industry today.

Additionally, the course uses the context of Singapore to illustrate the applications of the knowledge to be acquired. ⁣ ⁣

The format of ANTS Corporate can be tailored to a setting you prefer e.g. physical brown bag lunch, fireside chat, seminar, online webinar. The duration of ANTS Corporate can also be tailored; this affects the topics covered.

Food / refreshments are available on select days. Please write into us here to see how we can fit your needs.

Yes, of course you can. ⁣Write into us here to see how we could work out something for your company.

For ANTS Corporate packages, please contact us here.