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At LTU, we strive to revolutionise Singapore’s fitness landscape as a whole, starting with educating the general population and the next generation of personal trainers & other fitness professionals. ⁣


LTU was founded by our Head Trainer & CEO dinokang in 2021, as a result of being fed up with the state of affairs of the fitness industry in Singapore. From the abysmal standards in training to the lies in food marketing, to slimming products, to the lazy mindsets of people. ⁣

LTU was created to be part of the solution because none existed in Singapore: a one-stop organisation for all the relevant fitness information for the average Joe. We at LTU believe that getting a straight answer about the fundamental principles of nutrition & training should not be all that complicated. ⁣

The internet has you believing all sorts of baseless ‘scientific’ nonsense, where people go chasing after the next shiny new trend in fitness promising miraculous results – be it slimming teas or diet pills or other magical ‘natural’ ingredients. We’re here to debunk such false information in nutrition & training and keep up with nutrition & training-related literature, fitness trends and meta-analyses around the world, so you don’t have to.

Make no mistake. We’re here to stay. Get on board. ⁣


We seek to raise the standards in Personal Training & improve fitness literacy in Singapore. 


Reshaping Singapore’s Fitness Industry


We specialise in training beginners.


Integrity (drug-free)
Support Local
Lead by Example
Portrait of dinokang


Chin Nian Kang, @dinokang

dinokang (or commonly known to his clients as NK) has 14 years of training experience under his belt since the young age of 15. He spent the bulk of his career researching about nutrition and debunking false information on the Internet. It was his dabbling in research that dinokang found his passion in educating the public, hence the creation of Lifelong Training University.

In 2019, dinokang competed in the drug-tested International Bodybuilding Championship organised by the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Association (Singapore) and emerged Champion in his weight class (Under 80kg) and placed 3rd Overall amongst other International Athletes.

Professionally, dinokang was previously a trainer at Ultimate Performance and is currently a freelancer in Singapore.

A huge advocate of walking the talk, dinokang has produced life-changing results with his clients, largely due to his adaptive and empathetic approach tailored to each client’s style and needs.

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What We Offer


Personal training

While we train everyone, we're especially good with Beginners. Getting people excited about becoming fitter for health, getting more people motivated to lift weights for the first time and seeing the lifestyle benefits for themselves. That's us. For personal training enquiries, write to us here.


Fitness & Wellness Education

We debunk false information in nutrition and training and keep up with the literature, fitness trends and meta-analyses around the world, so you don't have to. We do this via our resources & our ANTS courses.


Fitness education is our core tenet, and our Applied Nutrition & Training in Singapore (ANTS) courses aim to fulfil just that.

The ANTS (Level 1) course is a theoretical course primarily aimed at Beginners looking to eat & train better to be healthier. ANTS (Corporate) is also available for the busy professional.

The ANTS (Level 2) course is a practical course aimed at equipping Beginners with know-how on using gym equipment and planning their own programmes, so that they can be more confident to head to the gym themselves.