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Same weight, different composition: Shawn’s story

Shawn was training with another gym but didn't see results until he decided to make the switch. With dinokang's help, he achieved his goals.

Shawn is turning 30 this year and has noticed a decline in his fitness level since he started working. He didn’t just want abs because he had gotten there on his own before. He wanted to lose belly fat, put on some muscle, and get stronger but he did not know how to get started on top of his hectic work schedule.

Before training with us, Shawn was with another gym but didn’t see the results he had hoped for and decided to make the switch.

Shawn trained with us for 16 weeks. Here are his results!

Firstly, Shawn is 62kg in both photos. Same weight. Different composition. Weight is just a number on the scale.

Before: 3 Ugly Pull ups

After: 12 Nice Pull ups
Before: Trap Bar 79kg x6
After: Trap Bar 114kg x 3

Get a coach that aligns with your goals. Don’t just grab one off the street before doing your research.

This is the LTU difference, where Training meets Education.

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