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How fast can ladies put on muscle? A case study: Michelle 2.0

Michelle had some fresh goals for 2023 and came back to us for round 2: get stronger, grow some glutes & learn to work around knee pain when she was training by herself.

Phase 2: Bulking (Maximise muscle gain)
8 weeks. 2 times a week.

Remember Michelle from a previous post?

After signing up for Personal Training with us last year, Michelle learnt the basics to lifting & went on to smash her own personal records in the gym independently.

This year, Michelle had some fresh goals for 2023 & came back to us for round 2: Get stronger, grow some glutes & also learn to work around some knee pain that arose when she was training herself.

Suffice to say, a lot of new gains has been made in this new cycle of training. Check out her progress here:

(Before): Hip Thrust 100kg x12

(After 4 weeks): Hip Thrust 140kg x10

Building muscle takes more effort than simply eating less to lose fat. The difficulty arises when Beginners don’t know how to get started, to reach the point of independence for them to eventually train on their own.

This is the difference at LTU. The results you can see & feel.

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