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She didn’t know what she was doing in the gym, so she sought help

While Rou-an was already well-adept at ‘eating healthy’, she felt stuck in the gym. She sought out LTU's services and the rest is history.

Before Rou-an stumbled onto dinokang’s Instagram page and began her journey into fitness, she was living a sedentary lifestyle. “Growing up, I never did any physical activity simply because I was not placed in an environment to do so,” she says. “I was mostly in club CCAs and immediate friends and family also never encouraged me to start exercising. That meant I was a dangerously weak and small female with absolutely no strength at all.”

As a result of stumbling onto dinokang’s Instagram, Rou-an got started on the #dinokangchallenge. In the months to come her diet also evolved. “From someone who didn’t even know what a calorie is at age 21 (embarrassing, I know) to someone with a very healthy relationship with nutritious foods and the ability to guesstimate the calories of my meals, I really could not have become like this without the initial spark that is NK’s social media content,” she says.

But despite this, Rou-an concedes she didn’t know what she was doing in the gym for a good half-a-year. “I feared getting injured and never saw noticeable progress,” she says. “I had no strength to do anything and this deficiency showed clearly in my daily activities as well.”

That was when Rou-an decided to engage LTU services and patiently, she waited in line for 9 months before she finally began training in-person with dinokang.

And in 12 weeks, Rou-an saw small physical changes, and huge life changes.

“Rou-an’s wasn’t looking to get a shredded ‘fitness influencer body’ in 12 weeks, because that would require an aggressive deficit, which we were cautious about at the start,” says dinokang. “She wasn’t fat to begin with; she started at 49kg. How much weight can you realistically and healthily lose?”

Instead Rou-an’s goals were to:

  1. Be independent in the gym and
  2. Lose fat, get stronger.

With dinokang’s experience and encouragement, each hour with him allowed Rou-an to practise without worrying about getting injured. “It is not easy to teach me about strength training; for someone with literally 0 muscle and no sports background, I took a while to get the hang of the basic of the basic,” Rou-an chuckles. “NK’s ability to provide tailored training advice has helped me to figure out what are the tiny details I should take note of, in the context of my own anatomy.”

Check out Rou-an’s progress below:

Trap Bar Deadlift 39kg (about to pass out)
Trap Bar Deadlift 59kg (pretty clean)

The greatest achievement in Rou-an’s short stint with LTU is for her to gain the physical strength and confidence to step into another gym on her own. Her interest in lifting grew so much that she even started her own lifting journey IG account (@cablerouus). “I mean, just look at that handle,” chuckles dinokang. “It’s always a heartwarming moment to be given the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.”

Beyond the physical strength and confidence, Rou-an also credits dinokang for teaching her many life lessons. “Context always matters, critical thinking and always digging deeper to understand why/how, to trust the process etc.,” ticks off Rou-an.

What’s next for her then?

“Now that I have a bit more strength than 4 months ago, and am gradually getting better at certain movements, I cannot wait to see where this consistency in strength training will take me, for the rest of my life,” says Rou-an. “My training life is just getting started and I can’t wait to show dinokang my first push-up, first pull up, first triple-digit deadlift, etc.! Thanks, NK!”

Truly, your client’s success IS your success.

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