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Amy: How your condition is not your conclusion

Weight loss pills and injuries sidelined her, but Amy's training with dinokang set her on a path to get stronger and prevent future injuries.

Before training with us, Amy was very apprehensive and worried about lifting weights because of her past injuries, making her improvements in lifting so much more impressive.

Her full ACL was torn many years ago from playing ultimate frisbee. It was reconstructed from a hamstring, so one leg was weaker than the other for a while. She also sustained a meniscus tear from a ballet class.

She also previously consumed weight loss pills from many years ago that messed up her metabolism, making weight gain easier. She lost a lot of weight together with a lot of strength and muscle. Her weight dropped to 48kg before it rebounded back to above 60kg.

She signed up for ANTS L1 to make a change in her life, and lost weight from a caloric deficit & adding more protein to her diet. She eventually went from 64kg to 59kg. She then finally decided to start personal training with the main goal of getting stronger to prevent future injuries and look fitter overall.

Check out Amy’s progress below:

Before: Trap Bar Deadlift 49kg x6
After: Trap Bar Deadlift 74kg x5
After: Hip Thrust 105kg x10
After: Bulgarians on recovered leg 12kg x10

Great job, Amy!

Key Takeaways
1. You can get injured doing anything, even ballet or walking.

2. If you’re weak, the risk of injury is MUCH HIGHER doing pretty much everything.

3. Training with a good coach greatly reduces that risk.

4. Lifting weights can’t make you bulky if you don’t eat enough.

5. It’s not the end of the world to be injured. Your diagnosis doesn’t define you. You can still lead a wonderful life if you learn to manage it well.

Be the change you want to see. Start Lifting Weights and good things will happen.

Ready to see good things happen to you too? Drop us a message in the form below to get started.

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