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She didn’t know where to start; she just knew she needed to start

16 weeks of training with dinokang later, Kang Ling lost 14kg. What did she do right that helped her reach this new beginning?

Kang Ling’s career required her to be physically fit; however, she didn’t know where to start. But she just knew she needed to start.

After taking our flagship ANTS L1 course, Kang Ling came to LTU because she understood the value of resistance training and eating better.

Kang Ling started off with a very unstable split squat and was unable to even squat her own body weight properly.

But 16 weeks in, training 2 times a week, she’s 14kg down. Check out her transformation below!

Check out her progression below:

Before: Unstable Split Squat (Bodyweight)
After: 10kg bulgarians
Stable walking lunges
Before: Trap Bar Deadlift 24kg (still trying to figure out the form)
Before: Severe knee caving in at 24kg, hence unable to load further
After: Trap Bar Deadlift 74.5kg x 5 (clean reps)

Kang Ling’s training programme was by no means magical – it doesn’t solve all existing problems, nor was it a perfect journey with no slip ups. However, Kang Ling diligently trusted the process, and put in the work that needed to be done: she walked the walk (by clocking in her steps), she watched her calories, she searched for protein, and she struggled having ‘normal’ meals with friends and family.

Her effort paid off and this is only the beginning – a new beginning, a physically stronger beginning.

You can start now too, by dropping us a message below.

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