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Why gaining weight was good for TikTok influencer Jeynelle Ng aka @buffbaby88

When @buffbaby88 (Jeynelle) started with dinokang, she had no knowledge of weight training and would binge and purge every few days.

Trigger warning: this article touches on eating disorders

Here’s a before-and-after of Jeynelle Ng, commonly known by her social media monicker, @buffbaby88, on TikTok and Instagram. When she started, she was 47.6kg (left picture); now, she’s 49.2kg. But what you see in pictures and videos on social media don’t paint the full picture of Jeynelle’s story.

1 year slow recomp: 47.6kg (left) to 49.2kg (right)

A freelance content creator seen on videos with the likes of Wah!Banana, Jeynelle was bulimic. When she started with dinokang, she had no knowledge of weight training and with no idea on how to improve her eating habits, she would binge and purge every few days. She did try some exercises on her own during the pandemic, but didn’t know how or where to verify the fitness information she read online.

Enter LTU.

Under the guidance of dinokang, she cultivated a healthier approach towards fitness, away from the ab workouts and endless cardio in an attempt to improve her physique. Jeynelle has also improved her relationship with food, through learning about nutrition and how not to fear certain food groups like carbs and snacks.

Not all has been sunshine & rainbows though – in her first year of ‘proper training’, she still sometimes struggles when it comes to making better choices when socialising with friends & family, as do the rest of us.

But once again, the number on the scale doesn’t define you. Take a look at her results.

Left: 16kg Romanian Deadlift (Flimsy, poor hip/core control, hyperextending the spine, lower back feeling it)
Right: 45kg Romanian Deadlift (better form, glutes involved, no lower back pain)

This is exactly what weight training can do for you when done properly: Less fat, more muscle, get strong.

This is also something that weight loss pills and slimming treatments cannot accomplish – make you physically stronger & build muscles in the right places.

Lift weights. Lift lives.

buffbaby88 Jeynelle and dinokang

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