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She wanted to be lean, toned and strong.

In 9 short weeks, with dinokang's help, Michelle managed to smash all sorts of personal records she never thought were possible.

9 weeks. Strength training twice a week.

Despite her strong starting point from a climbing background, in 9 short weeks, Michelle managed to smash all sorts of personal records she never thought were possible.

Michelle was never very interested about getting that coveted ‘slim bikini look’; she was more interested in getting lean, toned & strong.

The journey wasn’t all sunshine & rainbows; being a very social person, Michelle went off the rails with the diet on Day 1, right after her 1st session.

But over the course of the programme, Michelle learnt about finding the right balance between eating out & having some treats here & there. She ultimately trusted the process, stuck to the plan and finally she has the results to show for it. Check out her results here:

Before: Split Squat 14kg x15
After: Split squat 26kg x10
Before: Pull Ups x11 (loose form)
After: Pull Ups x14 (strict form)
Before: Trap Bar Deadlift 84kg x7
After: Trap Bar Deadlift 100kg x5

The taste of strength has only just begun for Michelle.

There is no ‘best’ coach; there is no ‘best’ client. It takes 2 hands to clap; a competent coach points you in the right direction, you still have to be willing to walk the path.

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