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Quality over Quantity

Saikat wasn't new to training – he had 6 months of consistent training at another gym. What mattered, however, was the how, with dinokang.

Not your typical abs transformation.

Case Study: Saikat

Lean Bulking, 10 Weeks.
Maximum Muscle Gain, Minimum Fat Gain.

Interestingly, Saikat wasn’t very new to training. In fact, prior to training with us, he had at least 6 months of consistent training with another gym.

Specifically, he was not new to ‘back exercises’ like conventional pulldowns & rows. As seen from the ‘before’ photo, the lats were poorly developed although he had been doing the same ‘back exercises’.

The weak lats were also tested true on the first session as a baseline. There is obvious trembling due to the instability of the joint when the lats were recruited.

What was different was the execution of the same exercises, pulldowns & rows. Which also goes to show that exercise names don’t matter as much HOW the exercise is done.

Quality over Quantity.

When done right, there IS a difference.

Write into us in the form below and to start training and see the difference.

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