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Skinny fat to toned: how Jayant lost 17kg

Jayant has had personal training before but that yielded little results. When the circuit breaker eased he restarted his fitness journey with dinokang.

Getting toned isn’t just eating less and moving more.

Case Study: Jayant.

22 weeks. 17kg down.
‘Skinny Fat’ Profile.
Phase 1: Fat Loss, Foundation Building
Phase 2: Lean Bulk

‘Skinny fat’ is a term used to describe someone who isn’t overweight but has a very high body fat percentage relatively. In other words, ‘skinny fat’ individuals are often very under-muscled, and with that comes a whole set of other problems like feeling frail and having a low metabolism.

Jayant has had personal training before but yielded little results. In the height of the pandemic in Singapore the circuit breaker hit and gyms were closed (again). When things had stabilised, he was referred by a friend to ‘restart’ his fitness journey with @dinokang.

It’s safe to say that he has achieved beyond his own expectations in a short 5 months through his sheer determination, unrelenting consistency & hard work.

Check out his progress!

For the first time in his life, Jayant did his very first pull up.

Day 1, could barely hang
2.5 Pull Ups after 5 months

Real Lives. Real Results.
Take charge of your own fitness today. You can achieve what Jayant did too. For coaching enquiries, write in to us below.

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