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54-year-old Sandy shows no sign of stopping

Sandy started training with dinokang at a ripe young age of 54. It's never too late to start – witness how Sandy transformed herself.

Sandy started out with very good awareness of her body and is an absolute beast in training; there is simply no ‘giving up’ in her dictionary, hence the gains in training.

Toned shoulders? Check. √
Bigger, rounder glutes? Check. √
Clearer abs? Check. √
Much stronger, less prone to injury? Check. √
Confident and independent in the gym now without a Trainer? Triple check. √√√

12 weeks.

Sandy had a good starting point, but an amazing ending point at the young age of 54.

Before: 10kg Split Squat, unstable, wrong form.
Sandy training biceps. Solid.

12kg Bulgarians, stable, solid grind
Sandy’s doing 12kg shoulder press; that’s half her weight. Very impressive!

Check out her clear muscle gain in the glutes & shoulders and also observe the obvious fat loss from the definition of the abs & upper back.

Congratulations Sandy!

It’s never too late to start. Take that step today. Be smart. Be like Sandy.

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