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How this father of 2 trained hard and overcame his health problems

Shameek Bose struggled with chronic acidity and heartburn, but this all went away after training with dinokang.​

The secret to ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ bodies is unfortunately very unsexy – consistency, day in, day out, rain or shine. Shameek Bose is a testament to that. A father of 2, Shameek’s life caught up with him. He was packing on more fat than he wanted. Shameek also struggled with chronic acid reflux. His day to day life was affected by heartburn and feeling unfit.

Dieting was his first solution… Until his wife started worrying. After all, by this time Shameek had dropped 10kg from watching his plate. He was standing at 56kg.

His wife was right. Although he paid attention and discipline into nutrition, he forgot about the other part of the equation. Training was essential for him too, but Shameek had never touched a weight in his 40 years of living. Where was he going to start? How could he craft an efficient routine? Who could ensure his safety in training?

Enter LTU. Under dinokang’s personal coaching, Shameek picked up his first weights. Over the next 1.5 years, Shameek trained, lifted, and ate his way to his new body. This time, he wasn’t in it alone. dinokang was right beside him in his journey. From sending pictures of his meals to dinokang daily to the confidence of lifting weights in a safe and supervised manner, dinokang helped Shameek grow his knowledge of training and eating the right nutrition to efficiently and sustainably achieve his goal body.

Shameek’s 1.5 year journey looks like an easy success from the outside. However, what people don’t say enough is this: the journey can feel really unglamourous. The only secret is showing up. Show up when it’s a cold morning and nothing feels better than staying in between the warm sheets. Show up when it’s lunch time when every minute invested in your workout means having to takeaway and eat at your desk. Show up when it’s a Friday evening and you change into sportswear instead of loosening your tie at the bar. When you put in effort to show up consistently, your body wakes up to its new reality.

Today, Shameek lifts more than twice his body weight. He executed confident 140kg reps. His body has never looked healthier. Nutrition and training, plain and simple. Day in, day out. It wasn’t a quick fix – it was never meant to be a crash 12-week diet. For Shameek, LTU gave him the gift of a lifelong appreciation of nutrition and training. This was not a band-aid. This was a new lease of life.

Oh, and did we mention? Shameek’s acid reflux has almost vanished as a result of his new, healthy lifestyle. This is what you can expect from LTU. You show up, and we’ll bring the expertise to propel you to the life you’ve always envisioned.

Shameek lent us his personal thoughts on his transformative journey. “It has been an awesome journey and continued to be,” he says. “It’s the best of the best of the best guidance anyone could imagine. You don’t realise the power of dinokang till you experience. It’s magical!

“‘Eat your food as medicine (+train +lift) otherwise you will eat medicine as your food’ – these last few words of Steve Jobs will stay with me forever and that realisation started when I start to train with NK. I had chronic reflux which is almost vanished now. Thank you NK! Will always be grateful.”

What’s next for Shameek then? Grow his chicken legs, he chuckles. His words, not ours. We’re eagerly waiting to see the next part of his journey.

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