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Lockdown Day 14

Simple leg day with nothing but my own body weight.

Simple leg day with nothing but my own body weight. Started with slow Bulgarians as my primary exercise. 5 or 7 sets, i actually lost count.

Followed by what is essentially a standing hamstring curl. Knee bends, they call it, which i thought was weird because that’s like calling a bicep curl an elbow bend. Well, technically it is a bicep (femoris) curl, just for the leg.

Knee bends

Followed by a slow sissy squats for more quad emphasis. Really push the knees forwards. This is essentially the standing version of a leg extension; lean back as you extend your leg so as not to allow the resistance to fall off towards the end because it gets easier as you straighten up as the moment arm shortens.

Sissy squats

Do them slowly; push your knees way forward. If you don’t feel your quads, you’re doing them wrong.

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